Area Referencing

We provide accurate area measurement surveys tailored to your required needs. Using the latest technology to ensure the highest accuracy is achieved within an efficient time scale. This provides investors, owners, purchasers essential information and confidence when making key decisions on their assets, whilst saving them time and money.

The measurement standards we offer include:

  • GEA
  • GIA
  • NIA
  • Net Sales Area
  • Retail Zoning – ITZA
  • International Property Measurement Standard (IMPS) – Office, Residential, Industrial, Retail

We offer this service nationwide for any property type or portfolio. Using our team’s experience and expertise you can be confident our service will meet your requirements.

We will deliver PDF reports showing floorplans, outlining and stating the floor area measured. A detailed area schedule will also be provided showing the area information clearly on a floor-by-floor basis. CAD files are also available on request.

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    Measured Building Survey

    Using the latest 3D laser scanning equipment, we can deliver accurate plans and drawings of your property, tailoring the deliverables to your specific needs and budget. Providing a variety of outputs displaying all structural elements and architectural detail, we can give you an accurate representation of the building and its features. This can assist with any proposed planning, design and development.

    We can provide the following elements depending on your specific requirements:
    Floor Plans
    Reflected Ceiling Plans
    Cross Sections

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      Cladding Survey

      Councils and private owners are required to undertake recladding works on non-compliant hazardous facades. Before starting any repair or refurbishment project, all necessary surveys must be undertaken.

      We will provide the following deliverables as requested by the client:

      • High accuracy 3D point cloud, which can be used for several purposes such as visualization, analysis and modelling.
      • 2D drawings of building elevations with all the required detail.
      • 2D drawings with horizontal and vertical gridlines essential for the designing and setting out of cladding modules.
      • 2D vertical section of building which can be used to detect any deviation from vertical planes (for cladding bracket installation)
      • Other drawings can be provided based on project and client needs, e.g. deviation from gridlines, elevation heat maps, sections etc.

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        Revit Modelling

        Revit modelling is a powerful tool that facilitates the entire lifecycle of a building project, from conceptual design to construction and beyond. Using the latest 3D laser scanning equipment we are able to provide as built Revit models of your existing building. This allows architects, engineers, contractors, and designers to collaboratively design, visualize, simulate, and document building projects.

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          RAAC Surveys

          Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) is a type of lightweight concrete that previously gained popularity in construction due to its excellent thermal insulation properties, lightweight nature, and ease of use. However, there have been some structural concerns and challenges associated with the use of RAAC in the UK.

          To address these challenges, ongoing monitoring and maintenance are necessary to identify and address any issues that may arise over the lifespan of RAAC buildings. This involves measuring the RAAC planks within the building to assess deflection (sagging). The deflection value of each plank can the be used to determine its structural integrity and then categorise it so action can be taken to resolve any issues this if necessary.

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