Robertson Elliot – Introduction

22nd September 2021 | Dan Elliot

Who: Robertson Elliot are a team of measured survey specialists who have a vast array of experience in a variety of surveying disciplines. Our team includes Llyr Lane, Anthony Howcroft, Dan Elliot, Joanne Whitehorn, Kirstie Hetherton, Duncan Bell.

How: The company was founded by our two directors Llyr Lane and Anthony Howcroft. Combining their expertise of Land/Building Surveying with the knowledge and experience of property and the commercial and investment markets. This combination lent itself perfectly to the formation of
Robertson Elliot, who use their surveying skills to provide a range of clients, including those involved in large property portfolios, with deliverables to assist decision making or development on their asset.

When: Robertson Elliot was formed in 2021, our first job was completed in June 2021 on an office building in central Glasgow.

What: We specialise in measured surveys, providing our clients with accurate drawings of their properties.

These deliverables include Floor Plans, Elevation, Sections. These can assist with the Planning, Development, Construction of an asset.

We can also produce Floor Area plans following RICS property measurement 2nd edition, January 2018 using both IPMS and Code of measuring practice NIA, GIA, GEA. This information is crucial for the valuation and analysis on rentable areas within a property.

Why: Firstly, why the name Robertson Elliot. The name was inspired by Nigel Robertson Elliot, a very close relative of a few of our team members who sadly passed away a couple of years before the company was founded. 

Why the business? We believe that with our vast skills and knowledge in the industry coupled with our passion for quality work, using latest technology we can provide a service and produce accurate deliverables which will save our clients time and money when key information regarding their asset is required.

Where: We operate nationwide. We have a head office in Manchester as well as a Cardiff office which allows us to operate across the UK.

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