Mill Lane, Croydon

About the Site

Located in South London near Croydon, Mill Lane consists of a number of industrial units of varying size and use. We were instructed to carry out a measured survey of 3 separate buildings within this industrial estate which were to be sold.

What We Did

This project consisted of 3 separate units all with multiple floors. All the units had different uses, as well as mixed uses within the same building. This included industrial units, office space and residential property. We were to provide the client with accurate area referencing reports stating the building size on a floor-by-floor basis, showing the type of area measured depending on its use. This was delivered as a PDF showing plans and a detailed area schedule.

With these buildings being used by tenants who were not always on site all day we needed to be quick and efficient when we had the opportunity to measure the units. With the help of a member of staff on site we were able to access and survey all areas of each of the 3 buildings with very few issues. The total area of the site was over 60,000 sq ft across the three buildings, using the latest laser scanning technology the site work for this project was completed in 1 day.

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