Clarence House, Manchester

Overview of Clarence House

Clarence House a 19th century building located in the heart of Manchester which provides exclusive office space over its 5 upper floors with a basement carpark bellow. Sixteen Real Estate acting on behalf of Columbia Threadneedle instructed us to carry out a full area measurement survey of all floors as part of the pre-acquisition due diligence.
With the client working on time sensitive schedule, it was crucial that we were able to mobilise quickly. Ensuring we complete survey and turn reports and plans around quickly so the process could continue without delay.


Size: Circa 17,500 sq ft
Number of Floors: 5 Office Floors + Basement
Time on Site: 1 Day

What We Did

Arriving on site a full reconnaissance was carried out to understand the building and plan the survey. We were then able to carry out the area measurement survey one floor at a time. There was a mixture of vacant and tenanted floors, meaning it was important to carry out the survey efficiently to avoid disruption.

As Clarence House is a 19th century building it is not uniform in shape and contains a lot of curved and irregular features. Due to this the equipment we chose to use was a 3D laser scanner. With this equipment we were able to very accurately measure and calculate the area of all floors including their curved features meaning every square foot was accounted for. These areas would have been much more difficult to measure with more traditional methods.

We were able to complete the full area measurement survey of each floor with the laser scanner within a day. Office processing work was then complete and the report containing the requested information was provided.

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