Bridgend Designer Outlet

Bridgend Designer Outlet is a large multi unit shopping centre, housing some of the biggest and well known brands. It has a main mall walkway which is outdoor, however it has a glass roof in parts. Either side of the walkway are the retail units of which there are a total of of 50.

Our Work

We were instructed to complete a measured survey of:
– 10 vacant units within the shopping center providing the NIA and GIA of each retail unit.
– NIA of the central management offices.
– Mall Walkway Area

The retail units and offices varied in size as well as the amount of tenant fit out. We were able to carry out this work quickly and effectively with help from the on site security team.
The is a large, busy mall walkway of Bridgend Designer Outlet had potential to cause disruption to the public and retail tenants whilst we carried out the measured area survey. To eliminate this issue we decided to measure the area using a handheld 3D laser scanner. This meant we could scan and measure the whole walkway very quickly causing no disruption to the existing retail occupiers or the public who were using the mall walkway area. The GeoSLAM Horizon Scanner allowed us to accurately map this very large space, providing the client with the information they required very quickly.

All site work was completed within 2 days.

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