Investing in the Latest Laser Scanning Equipment

27th September 2023 | Dan Elliot

Investing in the cutting edge of laser scanning equipment

Robertson Elliot have recently been able to purchase equipment at the forefront of 3D laser scanning by acquiring the Trimble X9 3D scanner.

This allows us to scan up to 1 million points per second allowing for extremely detailed scans in a short period of time. The X9 also has a range of 150 meters allowing for large buildings to be scanned with ease and reducing the amount of scans that are required allowing for less time on site. With Trimble Perspective software our surveyors are able to view the scans in real time and piece together the entire scan on site allowing for a lot less mistakes and means the team can limit their need to revisit sites.

We then input the data collected on site into Trimble Realworks to begin the process of drawing and plotting the floorplans and elevations. Realworks illustrates a 3D model of the building in question from which we are able to plot and produce the what is needed for the customer.

Having used the very similar X7 3D scanner from Trimble before on many projects like 23 Devonshire place in London. Which was completed on site within a day and required detailed scans of both the interior and exterior of the building which we sent off to the client quickly thanks to the speed of the scanner and the limited time on site.

Having experienced the X7 before we can’t wait to see what the X9 will be capable of in the future projects.