Bridgend Designer Outlet

01st November 2021 | Dan Elliot

In recent project we caried out an area measurement survey on Bridgend Designer Outlet. We were asked to produce floor plans and area reports for a sample of the shopping units, the mall walkway, and the central management office space.

As this was a very large and busy shopping center, we used equipment which allowed us to accurately capture all the data required whilst reducing site time and disruption to businesses operating in the shopping center. For this project we used a GeoSLAM Horizon handheld laser scanner. This scanner gives you the ability to walk and continuously move with the scanner whilst capturing data which is a huge advantage in busy environments. The time taken on site and disruption to businesses and shoppers was significantly reduced compared terrestrial laser scanning.

We will continue to use this cutting-edge technology to assist with our projects which will benefit our clients, tenants of the properties as well as us.