Area Measurement Survey – A Week in the Life

28th January 2022 | Dan Elliot

A Week in the Life


As a surveyor no week is the same and every site is different, posing varying issues and problems to solve. This is one example of how the week may play out if we are instructed on an Area Measurement Survey. The next could be completely different depending on the site or service required. This is what keeps the job varied and keeps us on our toes.


We have been instructed on a job starting on site on Monday for an Area Measurement Survey. On Friday afternoon we will have a debrief on the clients needs and requirements, the site location and condition and go through any questions and queries anyone has. By the end of this session everyone will be clear on everything for Monday’s job.


Set the alarm early to make sure I’m on site on time! I will then meet the site contact and have a walk over of the site to get myself familiar with the area. I will plan scan positions and scanning route to guarantee the capture all areas of site. Then get stuck into the scanning!


Return to site to continue the site work, picking up where I left off from yesterday. Checking site plans against scan locations to make sure I have captured and measured all areas required. Once all scanning has been completed, pack up all the equipment and head back to the office to download all data.


Processing work now starts in the office; all the data has been downloaded so it is ready imported into the scanning software to be registered (stitched together). This can take a while and a lot of computing power due to the large file sizes produced! Once registered together this laser scan file is ready to be imported into CAD to draw the floor plans and elevations.


Back into the office, firstly a coffee then to continue drawing the floorplans and elevations in CAD, using the assistance of photos and sketches from site to make sure the drawings are accurate.


Complete the finishing touches to the drawings, then put them through the QC process to make sure they are ready to be delivered. Once passed they can then be plotted into PDFs. Final checks are made, and the deliverables are sent to the client. All files are archived for use in future projects. Now time for a well-deserved pint!

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